Crisis Communications

When clients are faced with a crisis, or a potential crisis, that threatens their reputation or the success of their business, we move quickly and carefully to help develop the right strategy and response. The immediate goal is to contain the problem and to vigorously protect the value and reputation of the organization. We work closely with clients to make sure they act nimbly and thoughtfully until the matter is resolved. We also offer a crisis training program to equip companies with the tools and skills needed to manage crises before they hit.

Corporate Communications and Positioning

How an organization defines itself — online, in print, on social media and elsewhere — is essential to its success and reputation. We help organizations craft the right messages for all their audiences, including investors, employees, partners, customers, and the media. We help with the writing and editing of communications and marketing materials, and provide media relations support and media training.

Media Strategy and Relations

For an organization to tell its story effectively to those in traditional, online, and social media, it needs the right strategy and thoughtful media relations. With our deep journalism and communications experience, we understand what messages will resonate and how to communicate clearly and powerfully. We can arrange interviews and editorial meetings, and advise on the best use of social and online media. And we can serve as a company spokesman.

We also offer rigorous media training, preparing our clients for tough interviews — on camera, online, and in print. We teach how to deliver the messages that will advance business objectives and enhance reputations. Sessions include videotaped one-on-one mock interviews and critiques.

Transaction Support

Companies need to explain the strategic rationale for their transactions in a way that makes sense to their audiences, including investors, analysts, the public, regulators, employees, partners and customers. And they must be ready to answer difficult questions. We help our clients develop the right strategy in a range of situations, including mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests, IPOs, spinoffs, divestitures, and restructurings. And then we help them communicate their messages powerfully and effectively.

Litigation Support

When an organization is involved in any kind of litigation or regulatory matter, forceful and effective communication can make a dramatic difference. We work closely with clients and their legal advisers, providing the skillful and forceful advocacy needed to advance their objectives. At the same time, we work to protect and enhance a client’s hard-earned reputation during what is often a bruising legal process.

Internal Communications

What an organization says to its employees — and how it says it — can have a major impact on morale and productivity. We work closely with our clients to develop internal communications that will resonate and inspire – including presentations, emails, letters, and newsletters. We also help executives prepare for employee gatherings, developing powerful and effective messaging and preparing them for any question they might be asked.

Editorial Support

  • Writing and Editing
    What an organization says to the world and to its employees, and how it says it, can have a major impact on its effectiveness and reputation. We write and edit a full range of editorial materials, including op-eds, speeches, annual reports, shareholder letters, employee communications, and other marketing materials.
  • Writing Instruction
    We teach the fundamentals of effective writing to communications professionals. Courses are tailored to each client’s needs, and emphasize the importance of clarity and simplicity. We make our classes fun and interesting so that students remain engaged and come away with both enhanced skills and a greater appreciation of outstanding writing.
  • Branded Content
    Companies and organizations have never had greater control over what is written and said about them in public. We focus our deep journalism and communications experience on helping clients develop the right branded-content strategy. Then we deliver high-quality material for distribution online, on social media, and elsewhere. The quality and value of this work helps our clients deepen their connections with consumers and other key audiences while enhancing their reputations.